Day 350- New Camera – Canon G7x

One of the things I have struggled with this year is my interest in running and combining that with photography. It is so frustrating to be out on a run when there is that perfect moment when the light is right and there is nothing but an iPhone to capture the image.

My hubby needed a new point and shoot camera, but also wants to learn a bit more about taking photos … he wanted something that fitted in his pocket and that was easy to use… I wanted something that if I used it – it would be familiar, have settings that I can control and most importantly shoot raw. We have discovered that if he does not take random photos of the kids, the dogs, what he gets up to – we would never have many in the album… and to be honest a mixture of his and mine … works well.

He did a lot of research and has just got himself a new camera…  it is a Canon PowerShot G7x – a vloggers camera … I am not sure if he hopes to vlog in future … but it shoots raw!

Today I discovered it fits in my running belt, where my water bottle should go … I am not yet familiar with the settings …. but I have now found the manual online – download the manual G7x...  and I am going to start reading.

This is my photo of the day…. my morning run – this is my hubby and one of the photo buddies – I underexposed the image to get the detail in the sky as I knew I could bring back the shadows in Lightroom…


Photographed on the Canon Powershot G7x

I think in 2016 … I am going to enjoy running more if I can enjoy combining running and photography!

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    • Helen
      Helen says:

      First impressions I am impressed … want to use it more and the raw side is fab….

      If I dont want the bulk but want to keep with canon as I know how it works… this does the job!

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