Day 340 – Flash and Ambient Lights

Still at the Old Bakery Studio and experimenting… Karen had brought in this bowl, which has a unit inside it which change colour, caused the water to bubble and generated a mist and she was curious to know how to capture the colour.

Capture the colour - IOS2000, F6.3, 1/80sec - no flash

Capture the colour – IOS2000, F6.3, 1/80sec – no flash

The above image was taken at ISO2000, F6.3, and 1/80sec – I really should have focused better, but to get the colour of the lights you had to choose to include the ambient light (high ISO) and a fast enough shutter to stop the colours changing and for the droplets not to blur… not an easy task.

ISO100, F11, 1/125 - no ambient light

ISO100, F11, 1/125 – no ambient light

But as we were in studio, we could use flash – so with ISO100 and a flash from the left you can freeze the movement. However the flash overpowers the light of the unit and you are left without it. I have though turned the above image black and white – because we added additional smoke and that was a different shade of grey!

Colour can be added back in in Photoshop…. and even changing the crop makes a difference.

ISO100, F11, 1/125 - no ambient light

Colour added and the crop changed!

I have worked out though the camera can easily lie … changing angles and increasing the ISO and I get the ambient light of a backdrop and some mist and water bluring in the foreground … it is just an illusion.

Not what it seems

Not what it seems

Moving back and you can see the bowl of water, the mist and some droplets flying …  so using different materials, different lighting, different settings can really make a difference.

misty water - ISo800, F8, 1/125

misty water – ISo800, F8, 1/125

It is really nice to be working with a group of photographers to bounce ideas off of one another and see where you end up with resources you might not consider using… it certainly opens up your mind to different ideas!