Day 338 – A few days away part IV

You will be pleased to know this is my last seal post… I took over 1000 pictures whilst I was away – I only posted 70 on my blog… but the last few highlighted to me the importance of light….

Today the sun was much stronger in the sky, which meant of course there was much more light to work with – but it also meant that there were more shadows to contend with… this leant that the light was changing more, seals would create shadows over one another and although it was not as cold, the images were not as strong….

A giant softbox of a sky in much better… but saying that I still captured lots of moments… as a don’t get to do a 500 mile (800km) road trip that often… and I wanted to bring home and share my favorite photos … so they are here, rather than just stored on my hard dive….

If you want to view them all together then head over to my web site for more Seal Photos.

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