Day 337 – A few days away III

Photography is all about the light – so today I got up early and headed back to see the seals….

Dawn at Donna Nock


Shooting seals in low light is tricky… I wanted to capture the colour of the sky but the seals with dark shapes on the beach blending in with the landscape – actually I am amazed at how well they blended in!


A seal pup at sunrise

A young pup looking over the beach as the sunrises – I think he had the best view point!


Behind the barrier – just us

My hubby admiring the view as I capture the seals beyond the barrier – the challenge was to make sure it did not look like that is where I was photographing from.


A morning stretch

This was a morning stretch and the popular area with visitors – it was lovely and calm this morning – most visitors were not up to early mornings … and as more people arrived – there was lots of photographers and cameras most of whom said hello and were quite friendly, moving along to allow others to get a shot too!


First bath!

First birth … maybe – but it looked really cold!


Sex on the shore!

Maybe to much detail but this is a bull and a sow and it looks like this sow will be leaving her pup and heading back out to sea soon carrying a new pup for the next 11 1/2 months of so.


A baby pup

An exhausted new born on the wet grass.


Mum and pup

An older pup and its mum, resting on the shore.


Mating dance between sow and bull

Is this a mating dance – I love the light this morning, not to much to create shadows but enough so I can use a shutter speed that is reasonably high to capture the movement without too much ISO.


A maturing pup

The pups are all so different and so sweet to look at….


A young pup

Another one in the long grass….


A different angle!

Thinking creatively … I opted for a different angle…. and now it is time fro breakfast!

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