Day 359 -It’s Christmas

Poinsettia is a plant that I associate with Christmas, so almongst the fun of Christmas Day photos, unwrapping presents, sharing moments with family and friends… I thought I would share a photo of Christmas cheer….

I am not posting today… this one is done in advance – as I am near the end of my 365 and today I wanted to spend time with family as that is the meaning of Christmas to me…. but I also wanted to share these bright colourful pictures with people of twitter who are watching #joinin

Join in enables people to get together on Christmas Day whereever they are, to share the moment with new and old friends and have company… read more here:

PhotoChallenge-still life-6707-10

On the table

This is my poinsettia – it is shot on my 100mm macro lens, with window light to the left. ISO400, F6.3, 1/6sec – on a tripod.  The table makes an interesting but distracting surface ad the plastic pot is marked as my photobuddy sparky, had been chasing around the garden….

PhotoChallenge-still life-6704-9

Changing the composition

So to improve the image I tried a different angle 0 the black mounting board behind works well but I think part of the story is now missing.

PhotoChallenge-still life-6699-8

Changing the composition again

A different crop – it is a strong picture with lots of contrast, I have added some off camera flash on the pot but the scratches are still apparent, so I decided to move back, add black mounting board to the base of the image too and add more flash – deliberately blowing the highlights on the plant pot, but I really like the glow and vibrancy that the shot now has.

PhotoChallenge-still life-6711-11

Poinsetta at Christmas

A little teak in photshop and combine some of the Bokeh photos from earlier … you can have a really festive image….

PhotoChallenge-still life-6711-Edit-1

Happy Christmas!

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