Day 348 – Festive Selfie

Christmas is approaching quicker than I would like but as the Christmas tree is now up, it was time to take a Christmas selfie… I saw a great tutorial online using a Christmas tree and thought I would try and create similar….

I had my camera, a darken lounge lit only by the Christmas tree, my tripod, nifty 50 lens.



Having white Christmas Tree lights makes rather boring Bokeh! My idea was to add me to the image – so focusing the camera in the dark was to be a challenge, I had the idea that I wanted to include a story book and me … so I used the book to hold my iphone, and used the light on my phone to light up my face….


Landscape Image

In landscape – I was not really including enough of the book…. as I could not move the camera back any further… it was time to compose the shot on a different direction….


Portrait view

The torch light is not as bright – but it was the shot that I was going for… the rest of the image I had visualised in my head in photoshop… I took this is manual – ISO100, F1.8, 1/10sec. There are two different shades of light though – a yellow tint from the Iphone and bright white from the LED Christmas Lights.

I toned down the yellow on my face, added some Christmas magic coming from the book and presented it in a square format as I wanted it as a social media profile photo. The light is a little harsh still on my face … but it is the right idea and I would love to take a photo like this with a child reading a book by the Christmas tree.


Christmas Profile photo with photoshop edit.

I have since found another tutorial – pop over to here: