Day 346 – Fish

I have a studio session coming up where I may have the opportunity to photograph a fish… I have not tried it before so I thought I would practice in my home studio with two low powered off camera flashes and manual mode.

PhotoChallenge-still life-6670-1

The Fish

I wanted to use a traditional fish bowl – I have a window to the left and two flashes each side with black card behind – ISo100, F8, 1/250sec – there is not enough light coming into the bowl on the right… as the fish is in darkness and there are too many reflections… but it is a starting image.

PhotoChallenge-still life-6641-4

Creating a splash

This is the tank with the same settings – the fish removed and some ice cubes dropped into the water, I wanted to create the impression of a fish plunging into the tank…. after several takes I took the images I created into photoshop…..

And I have ended up with a fun fish shot ….I don’t think it looks like he is leaping into the tank… but it is a lot more lively than a regular fish tank image although the flash is not low enough to freeze the water – I need more flashes to achieve this….

PhotoChallenge-still life-6627-Edit-12

Fish Fun

Usually I practice after a studio session, but this time I was interested to try out the idea ….