Day 331 – Smoke

If I want to get more creative I really need some backgrounds and textures … so one of those things that I have been putting off doing is photographing smoke … so that is today’s challenge.

I had a search online – can recommend reading this web site – how to photograph smoke and I experimented in the kitchen. I fashioned a snood out of black sugar paper to direct the flash and to stop it hitting the black card back board and I it really is amazing….


A selection of smoke images as capture


Smoke as Captured


Smoke as captured

I then took the images a step further and edited some of my favorite smoke effects in photoshop … they are all unique and beautiful.


Colours inverted in photoshop


Layer of pink and white applied


Colours inverted and then toned


Multi Colour rainbow added in photoshop


A different colour added in photoshop


Just a simple invert in photoshop

Smoke patterns are great fun! I am now going to have to think of ways to use these in some creative pieces.

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