Day 330 – Graphic Artist Inspiration

We had a great speaker at camera club this week – Vicki Boulter who is a graphic artist and who amazing images which are very different from the regular portraits that we normally see. Vicki is a graphic designer by training… the same as me and she really inspired me to try something different.

One of the things she talked about during the evening she talked about frequency separation – I had heard of this but it was not something I really had though about trying until I saw her demonstrate it, and it highlighted to me what a great tool it is for removing blemishes and marks on a face whilst maintaining a realistic look – afterwards I found a video online which Vicki had made –

Vicki also showed us some examples of her work and talked through how she created her Avant Garde photography! She talked about how she built up an image starting with the original portrait and then adding custom brushes that she designs herself,  backgrounds that she collects to create an unique image.

This is one of the images I took when working with Louise, and I decided that I would experiment with frequency separation on this image, and the mask that she was wearing draw me into her eyes … and I decided I would focus on those and create a very different style of image.

Make up by Louise Audrey, New Forest, and photography by

Make up by Louise – original image

When I did the frequency separation, I was really drawn into the detail on the mask and how it looked like birds wings – so I coloured it, adding some brushes to represent the feathers of a parrot, I found a blue and yellow background that I had and layered that in and then I felt I needed to blend in a focal point – so I added the bird – a blue and yellow parrot….

Make up by Louise Audrey, New Forest, and photography by

My Avant Garde inspired image

Vicki got discovered through social media – the right people saw her images through sharing, – details in this interview … which really gives you hope on sharing images … her “child photography through play” is full of inspiring ideas!

Anyway – this is my first attempt … I have got ideas – I am going to try this again – thanks for the inspiration!

My second attempt is a little darker…  My son has KLS – it is a rare neurological condition, sometimes referred as “Sleeping Beauty Syndrome” – it is no fairy tale … I wanted to include the dream like state that my son experiences in episode, where dragons and demons fight over his soul… I made his skin pale  and his eyes vacant as that is what I see when he is in episode….  but you look closely into his eyes, you can see more …. in one eye the computer struggling to reboot – how my son pictures KLS, and the other an image of my son trapped behind bars, unable to escape his living hell…..


It is not sleeping beauty.

I used a photo of my son, the KLS clock logo my son designed to represent KLS for him, and a variety of photoshop brushes to create my own image …. what do you think?

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