Day 328 – Abstract at Night

Dark evenings and the festive season approaching, so I thought I would pop along to the Garden of Lights and capture an abstract view of pods that have been generated to encourage evening visitors to the city centre.

Night time photography without a tripod is a challenge, longer exposure times I needed but for these images I wanted the ambient lighting to remain dark, and the lights of the installations was changing often, so to keep shutter speeds low I opted for a shallow aperture and a high ISO.

This year in the gardens snowflakes are being projected onto the path, I used my body to create a shadow and created a selfie in the shadow, and then increased the contrast so that the image was black and white.


Bournemouth at Night – snowflake selfie – ISO800, F4.5, 2sec

In another pod there was a variety of disco lights, it makes an interesting abstract image.

Disco Lights - F3.2, 1/100sec, ISO1600

Disco Lights – F3.2, 1/100sec, ISO1600

This was a wall of lights that flashed on and off, the shutter speed had to allow to enough light to hit the sensor, but I did not hold the camera still enough – I need to invest in a monopod I think for situations like this.

I have yet to find the one I want – folds small, yet sturdy and has a sort of tripod foot – I saw one once and did not ask the make … so am still looking!

ISO1600, F3.2, 1/25sec

ISO1600, F3.2, 1/25sec

This are light filled tubes that can be moved and that changed colour. The 1/25sec shutter speed worked here cause the changing light colours was brighter and a slight bit of movement did not really matter.

ISO1600, F2.8, 1/25sec

ISO1600, F2.8, 1/25sec

I think this is my favorite image – a view from one lighting feature to the huts beyond, with reflections bouncing around.

ISO1600, F2.8, 1/250sec

ISO1600, F2.8, 1/250sec

Another light structure – a different angle, it was very hard to capture this one without people in it as it was causing people to stop and look at all the different colour changing shapes.

ISO1600, F2.8, 1/30sec

ISO1600, F2.8, 1/30sec

This is a photo of a group of friends enjoying the lighting pods – the wide apertue means that the people in the pod are out of focus, but that is fine as they do not know they are being photographed twice – what drew my attention, and inspired me to capture the image was the way that the photographer was back lit by the installation.

A family using the lights - ISO1600, F3.2, 1/125sec

A family using the lights – ISO1600, F3.2, 1/125sec

And back to having fun … this time the camera was stabilized – I switched to bulb mode and created my nephew created his very own light installation – an emoji with his torch… at age 12 I think it is pretty amazing!

A smiley on the beach - ISO200, F22, 15sec

A smiley on the beach – ISO200, F22, 15sec