Day 325 – My first Boudoir – Studio part one

If you have been following the process of my 365 you will know it has taken on the role of pushing myself outside my comfort zone, learning new photographic skills and learning more about working with people, and having fun.

Hands on learning with a great model - ISO6400, F4.5, 1/20sec

Hands on learning with a great model – ISO6400, F4.5, 1/20sec

I had an opportunity to be one of four tutors at a studio session shooting Boudoir, at the Old Bakery, my role was to help with the equipment and I took along my lap top so we could look at each others raw files during the evening, so we could get an idea of how to develop our ideas.

Seeing the files during the evening was so useful, not everyone was able (different memory cards) and not everyone wanted to share unedited images but the ones I saw were incredibly helpful.  Why?

  • You could see what settings they had used
  • You could see what worked and what did not work
  • You could see what they were trying to achieve and suggest ideas
  • You could talk about ideas to carry out next
  • It really meant you could learn from each other during the session.

Shooting Boudoir was totally out of my comfort zone – we had booked a model – Francesca – who had photographed boudoir before and more often did fitness photography, which I think made it a lot easier as the model was comfortable within her skin, and her clothing choices were the equivalent of a bikini or swimming costume – I think I was worried about making the model feel comfortable and her being pressurized by the other photographers – but that was a pointless worry.

In the studio - ISO1600, F6.3, No flash

In the studio – ISO1600, F6.3, No flash

This shows a little bit more of the set up, Tim was amazing at helping everyone decorate the lights into the right place but it was then up to each photographer to use their time slot wisely and capture the image that they wanted. On most of the images we have three lights set up, with the one Tim is holding with a snood – so it offered very directional lighting.

Photographers at work - ISO12800, F4.5, 1/80sec

Photographers at work – ISO12800, F4.5, 1/80sec

Different photographers had different ideas on what was the perfect shot – and they worked well with each other, if you were being the lighting assistant you were able to see how the lights worked, if you were shooting you were directing the model and using descriptive language to describe a particular shot, and if you were waiting you were quite often “chimping” your images to see what worked.

Some photographers had researched their poses more than others, and were then able to show photos to the model to help them achieve the image that they wanted, this was a great idea – and would be really helpful for an inexperienced model.

Photographer communicating with the model about her ideas.

Photographer communicating with the model about her ideas.

The best thing I find about these sessions is watching and observing other people – for some in the room it was the first time they had shot an image with a model, for most of us it was the rest time we had shoot “boudoir” and we all had different, and it was interesting to see how they developed their own ideas during the evening.

Part two tomorrow … my edited images!


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