Day 324 – Revisit

Prior to starting my blog and 365 project I visited the British Museum and was inspired by the building… it was the first building I truly noticed and was wow look at the light.

My favorite photo from that visit is here – it is on the front page of my blog.


I got to go back and explore again… with the idea that today I would capture a similar photo as well as just enjoying and appreciating the space.

The space was impressive – the space had not changed but I am amazed at how much the light had – before I had visited in the summer, this time the autumn and it was a more overcast day and the sky did not have the same feel at all.

My goal was to create a new panoramic photo of the inside of the museum – I wanted to try different angles, I single layer panoramic image and a double one.


British Museum – standing on the floor

All my panorama’s were shot hand held (tripods are not allowed) with an F11 aperture. This was taken from the ground level and I missed the top of the building in the centre – I also converted it to black and white. There is too much floor in the foreground.


Double height panorama of the Museum

This is a double height panorama – my first – thanks to Gav Hoey’s suggestion – I feel it distorts the image, the ceiling curve does not look like that in real life… but it does give an impression of the impressive building that is in central London.


British Museum from the balcony

This image was taken from the balcony – the same as the photo I took on previous years – I think the people are much better placed in this image and it looks a lot less crowded – and the signage is better placed. But the red information point signage is distracting and there is building work going onto the left. The sky beyond the roof is not as blue or as interesting – there are no shadows on the central building, and this time it is lit inside so you can see into it.

I have struggled to adjust the white balance in all these images – I know next time it would be much easier if I took some sort of grey card, so I could set my white balance for the building!

Timing really is everything – light matters more than I could have imagined and there are pros and cons on every occasion to create images.

British Museum from the balcony - F11, ISO400, 1/60sec - handheld

British Museum from the balcony – F11, ISO400, 1/60sec – handheld

My final panorama – I have worked on the top a little to bring out the detail of the roof beyond and I have reduced the reds slightly … I like  fact that it is a much quieter image than last year and there is not a crowd of people at the steps but I not happy with the end result – the light although was impressive – was not the same light as last time… but I think that is good news…


Cause I have to go again, revisit the British Museum, enjoy a coffee, look at the exhibits and capture the light from the balcony again and see how the light and the building changes!

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