Day 310 – Studio Fun – Part 1

Another visit to the Old Bakery Studio and this time experimenting with a variety of different lighting set ups and hands on experiments. I am going to share a few ideas that I got to try this week. On the images were taken it this session on my crop frame camera with a 16-35mm lens and in manual mode.

Abstract Images

The set up

The set up

This is the set up for the first image I am going to share … very high tech – you can see the modelling lights on the bowl of sweets which is carefully balanced inside a fish tank and the right height, the top glass is covered in moisture – we boiled a kettle underneath the glass to create that effect. It was then a simple challenge of getting the lighting right to create the perfect shoot.


First Shot – Where to focus?

My first shot – the view from above… it was tricky working out what to focus and what to include in the image and what not… and making sure that I was exposed properly for the flash.

Final Edit - ISO100, F11, 1/12sec

Final Edit – ISO100, F11, 1/12sec

I was then able to achieve this great abstract shot – i have boosted the clarity, enhanced the hues of some of the colours in Lightroom and I am amazed to think it is just a photo. It was be interesting to revisit this idea with time looking at different camera positions, different objects in the tank and seeing if I can recreate it at home.

Time to celebrate

There was also the opportunity to learn how to drop a strawberry into a glass of wine. This was fascinating… there was limited time to take photos as we could only shoot one at a time… but it is about learning how to set up the images to create the shot and learning how to improve.

  • this was strobe lit with the light bouncing of the white back wall … could have been lit better with a glass table with a light underneath it too….
  • the fact reflection is made by balancing one glass on other – I am going to do that again
  • the best piece of equipment ever… another photographer who can drop a strawberry at just the right moment!
  • using black boards either side of the glass to help with the detail, really does make a difference

The studio set up

So above you can see a bit of the set up… the glass, the boards, the camera on a tripod and the crucial photographers drinking coffee and watching with interest…. and the results – I took 5 shots … one to set up, one where the strawberry landed on the glass rim…  and three that I was delighted with…. great fun!


Camera on Manual, ISO100, F11, 1/125 sec. Tripod and strobe on white wall behind!