Day 295 – Panoramas and different views….

You can create panoramas in a range of software, and it is a great way to capture a different angle or view point of a location, the best way to create a panorma is:

  • Test the exposure, choose aperture priority – then find the mid point of the area and take a reading with the camera to find out the ISO and the shutter speed. Focus the camera
  • Switch to manual, dial in the settings you discovered and don’t touch the focusing and then capture a series of images … 180degrees, or just experiment,
  • Make sure you overlap each picture, and taking them in portrait gives you more image height to work with.
  • Process all the raw files the same in Lightroom and then use the merge to panorama function in either lightroom, photoshop or elements.

This image was taken with 15 images – it was a bit of a murky day – but it is a 180degree panorama of the local park which I regularly walk past with the dogs.

Panorama Image at the park- 15 images. F11, 1/200 sec, ISO800

Panorama Image at the park- 15 images. F11, 1/200 sec, ISO800

As I was in the park – it is always work having a look at the area from a different view point…. I lowered the ISO, increased the aperture so it was narrower and decreased the shutter speed, I wanted to capture movement. This is my view of the swing!

ISO100, F22, 1/6 sec - On the swing

ISO100, F22, 1/6 sec – On the swing

Fourteen photos this time merged together – a 180 degree view of the village square, not to far from my home. it is a very bleak day – but it is an angle of the village that is impossible to view with the naked eye.  it is interesting to see how some of the angles are twisted and stretched as the angle from which  I view them changes.

Village square panorama

Village square panorama

This time I tried something different I took 24 images, with the camera in landscape view – I took eight along the bottom, then another eight middle room and then eight including the sky. There is no way even with a wide angle lens that I would have capture the whole scene from where I stood.  I am amazed how much of a sense of scale you can capture with this style of photography … it will be interesting to try it out at different locations.

The Bigger Picture - 24 images combined

The Bigger Picture – 24 images combined