Day 274 – Camera Phones

Street photography is still something I am not very comfortable with – I have tried it before, and today I had the opportunity to try it again.  I was in Southampton shopping with my daughter, I sat down on a bench and watched the people going about their business and started taking photos.

I was fairly obvious – I had my canon camera and an 18-250mm lens, the sun was unfortunately very bright and quite harsh which made it a little bit of a challenge but looking through the collection of photos – you can really see how harsh light effects the detail on peoples faces.

ISO800, F9, 1/1600 sec - The focal point of my images.

ISO800, F9, 1/1600 sec – The focal point of my images.

I was positioned near some human street art and I was just watching people and their reactions and I began to notice just how many phone photographers there were, and how many ways they take pictures. I wonder how many of today’s photographers shared the picture they took….

I came away from today realising…

  • I don’t think any of these people noticed me photographing them – and that is kind of scary … but also reassures me that with street photography not as many people are watching me as I think.
  • How vulnerable we are to people snapping out pin numbers and private details and with a powerful lens you can see anything – including scratches and details on their handsets.
  • How a lot of people fail to interact in the world around them through the obsession with their phone and the more and more devices included in them… I wonder who would have just took a moment to enjoy and movement if they did not have a camera phone with them, and who would have made eye contact with other people….
  • Light has a powerful impact on people’s faces – in this harsh light you can see it clearly.
  • Just how many photos are taken in the digital age we live in- would you believe I was only sat with my camera for 20 minutes – the human sculpture was sitting there all day!
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  1. mickey2travel
    mickey2travel says:

    These are fantastic! It’s obvious about the “convenience” we have with our cell phones! :^)

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