Day 202 – Interesting structure or not?

Lymington Sea wall has just become the latest home for an Art project called “Look in, Look Out” – The Observatory is touring the country and its latest location is on the picturesque coastal path between Lymington and Keyhaven. It is suppose to be a building or sculptural inspiration that is going to be the temporary home to local artists. You can read about the project here. My aim today, to visit the structure and take some photos of it for myself, and to share with others whom have not yet found time to walk the coastal path. First of all I looked at how it was located within the landscape.. and photographed it from various view points, some angles work better than others… they are big, they attract attention, but they don’t look amazing from every angle and i am glad they are not a permanent feature.

Lymington Observatory - from the outside - various view points

Lymington Observatory – from the outside – various view points

Moving closer and focusing on the details and suddenly they are much more interesting spaces – they add something to the landscape, they give you a different view, some interesting shadows, some great framing effects and some wonderful textures – it will be interesting to visit it in different light.

Lymington Observatory from the Inside

Lymington Observatory from the Inside

The following photo was taken by my daughter …  you regularly see my photos… you rarely see me!

Me - by my daughter

Me – by my daughter

Interesting structure? Art? A blot on the landscape? What are your thoughts….

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  1. thinkingofyouandme
    thinkingofyouandme says:

    mmm, initially I thought a blot on the landscape, but then, when I see the images from inside – the shadows, the textures, I begin to think differently.
    I agree with you, I am glad they aren’t permanent! Interesting though.

    • Helen
      Helen says:

      It was definitely more interesting up close… since you read the article… I added another picture … taking photos is becoming a family affair!

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