Day 138 – Pencils.

Experimenting with my 100mm Canon EF Maco lens on my Canon 60d, I was trying to see how close I could go to the subject and what amount of detail I could capture, I am also doing Emma’s challenges (#Remarkable2015) one of which this week was to take around 20 photos of the same subject… so today was my opportunity to try this.

20 pictures … 20 subjects … well a packet of 20 coloured pencils…. I thought about:

  • Complimentary colours – so I selected groups of colours
  • Odd ones one – somehow making the photo different
  • Odd numbers then as the challenge was to think creativity even numbers too.
  • Choosing the depth of field for different effects
  • Choosing what was in focus.

The results were:

Interesting I discovered I liked the ones that broke the rules of photography more … and I think my favorite is this one, which is just colour… which surprised me… I really like the abstract feel,

ISO 100, F5, 1/3 sec

ISO 100, F5, 1/3 sec

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