Day 126 – Studio at a friends

I got to visit a friend and she had suggested having a mini studio session in her home, using what she had available – 3 foam builds and a some interesting objects we had a go at setting an area to create some interesting shots. I took with me one flash, wireless triggers, umbrella and a light stand, with my camera of tripod these are the results of my experiments with her.

First we played with backgrounds and although the glass table gave interesting reflections are preferred a plain white background – the third shot.

Black and white liquorice alsorts  on smokey glass with black card underneath

Black and white liquorice alsorts on smokey glass

Black and white liquorice alsorts  on a smokey glass table top

Black and white liquorice alsorts on a smokey glass table top with white foam board under the table

Black and white liquorice alsorts  on white foam board

Black and white liquorice alsorts on white foam board

We then changed the subject and had a go at photographing black bottles – my friend had a great collection of bottles.  Glass is tricky to photograph, and I feel I would have benefited here from another light, which I did not have.  We choose three bottles deliberately for the composition, with the red detail in the centre … although my eye seems drawn more to the red on the bottle lid as that is lighter… (and unnoticed at the time) along with the annoying reflection of my flash and umbrella on the bottle of Bulldog. Looking back at this image though I feel my camera angle is too high, as I appear to be looking down onto the bottles.


We then choose some individual objects to photograph. I loved the brilliance of this blue vase, it almost glows in the light, but the one flash does not create an even lighting effect and there are a lot of different reflections within in the image.

Blue Vase - studio lights

Blue Vase – studio lights

Another vase, this one was much older – but I loved the detail of the etched design. It had much more of a matt finish and therefore was not affected by the reflections as much, although there is still a glare at the top. For stock photography this bright reflection would need to be moved – so something I need to consider in future.


An old brown vase

During the course of the experiments we also introduced different backgrounds by using wall paper samples… but I want to look into this more on another occasion. We also photographed some corks … my aim here as to draw the viewers eye to the variety of corks and I focussed my shot on the “star” in the foreground.

A jug of corks

A jug of corks

My final image is a set of three… three blue bottles, I sat the three bottles slightly behind one another and then took the photos with a shallow depth of field with the idea of focusing on each bottle in turn.  These three bottles were an amazing blue colour and went really well together … now I am looking forward to seeing the photos that my friend took too.

Practicing depth of field in studio

Practicing depth of field in studio

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