Day 80 – In the Bucket

Something different – I took some video yesterday of my puppy – Sparky playing ball in with an automatic ball thrower in the garden … this was recorded on my iphone and it is what I used to try and capture the action shots of him the other day.

Videoing is not something I am that comfortable with – I can do it on my camera and on my phone and I have worked out that if edited in Photoshop CS6 I can grab stills from it … which I think is rather clever. You can see a couple of edits below.

Video Stills - edited in Photoshop from my Iphone.

Video Stills – edited in Photoshop from my Iphone.

I uploaded the video to my dog’s facebook page – – which only has 49 followings and was amazed at what happened in the first 13 hours – the post was seen by 3,076 people and amazingly watched 1,136 times – I sometimes lack confidence in what I am posting – but this I think is brilliant evidence to show that whatever picture or image you choose to share, you never know if it will take off and if it will be the one that makes your famous… so for other people to enjoy your photographic moments you really have to share them with others and see what happens … it might not be as bad as you think!

Anyway … I have now added the video to You Tube too…. you can view it here….