Day 38 – Photos for fun

Today I spent a lovely day out with my family and some of my extended family. We enjoyed a ferry ride, a walk alongside a river, and time at an open day enjoying the trains of a model engineering. I headed out with my canon 60D and my 19-250mm lens and I took photos of things I liked to look at and moments I enjoyed.

During the day I found myself thinking about:

  • Framing the photo with a natural frame
  • Choosing the right aperture for landscapes, where to focus and what happened when I changed location
  • I thought about the light available and the speed of the shutter to capture movement or stillness all handheld

Here’s a selection from today:

Another highlight today was that the perpendicular photo I took last month was selected as one of two photos as “photo of the month” in a Facebook group I belong too … I was really surprised… so I am going to revisit the idea…