Day 10 – Windy Day on the beach

Today is a lovely windy day, so I walk to the beach was in order to blow our the cobwebs – I took a tripod 🙂 and a couple of photos with my wide angle lens. I think it is the first time I have been really aware how the shutter speed effects the end result of what I capture in my photo.

This first photo shows how having a small aperture (high f stop number) and a slow the movement of the waves is blurred – trying underexposing or using a neutral density filter would be essential if I wanted to keep this depth of field but increase the shutter speed further to enable to the water to be more of a milky blur.

ISO 100, 1/13 sec F31 - 20mm zoom

ISO 100, 1/13 sec F31 – 20mm zoom

These two shots show how with a shorter shutter speed – timing is really important to get the right feel to the shot …  the first photo shows the rocks just being splashed by a wave, whereas in my second shot – the foam from the sea covers the rocks in the foreground and the foam is bubbling up – the tripod is in the same place in both shots… but I prefer the timing of the 2nd one.

ISO 100, 1/800 sec F5.6 - 20mm zoom

ISO 100, 1/800 sec F5.6 – 20mm zoom

ISO 100, 1/800 sec F5.6 - 20mm zoom

ISO 100, 1/800 sec F5.6 – 20mm zoom

My favorite shot – was the first image I captured… no tripod, a higher ISO… and at a wider angle only 11mm -but the overall difference with this photo is the light that was available at the time… it was only a minute or two before the other shot… but the sun appears a little brighter… and the wider angle adds more foreground interest….  I have added a graduated filter on the sky in Lightroom … now I am unsure whether all the shots may have benefited from the wider, whether F16 is a better focusing spot on this lens, or whether the light was better at this moment.

At least I have a whole year to experiment!

iso 400, 1/250 F16 - 11mm zoom

iso 400, 1/250 F16 – 11mm zoom