Welcome to the back catalogue of my 2015 posts, the older posts are featured first, 2015 was my first year of photography blogging, I experimented with ideas and concepts, and this folder shows the highlights of this time.

Day 307 – Misty in the Forest so dehaze in action

It was misty out on the forest today… so I tried to create some moody shots and I wanted to experiment a little with the dehaze function again. Today I took my 28-300mm lens out, and as well as being heavier I need to be a lot more aware of what distance I can focus […]

Day 306 – Open spaces and evening light

Day 306 – Open spaces and evening light, and why sharing settings does not help you take the perfect photo!

Day 305 – Halloween Party Highlights (part two)

Following on from my Bokeh experiments … I am sharing a collection of photos of Halloween highlights – we had a party, some people dressed up and I of course took some photos of their amazing creations. I shot manual… I had a flash on camera pointing upwards for the people shots, and for the […]

Day 305 – Experimenting with Bokeh

With dark evenings approaching and some lights up outside to celebrate Halloween, I wanted to see if I could create shaped Bokeh. I watched this video online and then I made my own lens cap to give it a try. The video did not detail what camera settings so I had to work that out […]

October Highlights

October – ten months of blogging, and what a blast I have had … if someone said to me 10 months ago would I like to photograph a wedding – I would have run a mile, I can now say that I was “the wedding photographer”, I have discovered the style of wedding photos I […]

Day 304 – Happy Halloween

A quick play in the garden with pumpkins lit by candle light, manual mode on my wide angle lens, a splash of smoke and some coloured gels, a sparkler…. to wish you a Happy Halloween! I started shooting with a wide aperture – F7.1, and a 3.2sec exposure on ISO100, to capture the ambient light […]

Day 303 – Evening Light in London and HDR

Another challenge, this time low light photography without a tripod in London as dusk approaches. I thought I would have a go at a couple of HDR images – where you take three images at three exposures – about a stop apart – and merge them together as an HDR image in Lightroom. I have […]

Day 302 – The Tower of London

Amazing day exploring the Tower of London and the capturing some unique views of the Tower.

Day 301 – London Underground

A few days away so I want to share with you some icon photos from London. My first thought was to capture the underground – now to capture images on the underground is an interesting area – permits can be required if wanting to take professional images but there seems to be no ban on […]

Day 300 – A different view, a different beach

I wanted to try a comparison shot with the nd filters and with a polarising filter today … so aimed to go prepared and I also watched to capture the beach, some coastal interesting shooting wide. Busy morning planned – I also got to enjoy an 11k walk with hubby and the photo buddies.

Day 299 – Studio with Teens

Part two of my Old Bakery workshop, and we were photographing teens. One of the teens is mine and she brought along a couple of friends.  As I mentioned it was a busy session, the teens were not as popular as the new born, but they were very co-operative, none of them had been models […]

Day 298 – The Great South Run

Today I  took part in the Great South Run. This is a 10 mile road race and I am doing it to raise awareness of my son’s medical condition. It has been a struggle to get here… 2.5 years go I was 5 stone heavier … I lost weight and than was challenged to run […]

Day 297 – Studio Session Baby and Toddler

I visited the Old Bakery for another studio session, and this week we looked at baby and toddler photographing and to be honest I did not take many photos, I found it a bit overwhelming in the attitude of some of the photographers who attended. It is hard posting that online but I really felt […]

Day 296 – Shooting Wide in the Forest

Out in the New Forest – only one lens, a 16-35mm lens on a cropped sensor camera which gives me a focal length of between 25.6mm  and 56mm when compared to a full frame. The 35mm lens is great for portrait shots, but today I wanted to see what it was like on location, just […]

Day 295 – Panoramas and different views….

You can create panoramas in a range of software, and it is a great way to capture a different angle or view point of a location, the best way to create a panorma is: Test the exposure, choose aperture priority – then find the mid point of the area and take a reading with the […]

Day 294 – Photography is about having fun

Monday night at camera club, Gavin Hoey came along and gave an inspiring talk called Snap Happiness. I have seen his talk’s before, and met him on the bluebell railway earlier this year. It was a inspiring talk and it was great how he incorporates videos of photography sessions and live edits – made to […]

Day 293 – Filters, their effect and correcting colour casts

Wedding over and time to sort through my equipment…. I cam e accross some graduated filters that I had brought about three years ago on ebay and that I had never used… so todays mission – to use them. I can’t remember buying them … it is probably back in the day when I just […]

Day 292 – The Wedding Recepetion

Until you have photographed your first wedding as the official photographer you can not appreciate the work that goes into creating the right image of the clients special day.  The aim of my shoot was to provide the client with a variety of print ready files for them to take to the printers and for […]

Day 291 – The Wedding

When I started blogging a year ago I never thought I would have the opportunity to photograph a wedding, and let alone be the only photographer there – but I did. I attended Emma and Dean’s wedding on Friday, and will be sharing the photos today and tomorrow on my blog. What an amazing experience!

Day 290 – A visit to the sea

We had a visit at camera club on Monday by a local photographer – John Buttress who had been awarded a fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society (one of 841 people) and his specialty was exploring Coastlines. You can view his fellowship panel here. It was an interesting evening, he shared with us photos from […]

Day 289 – Distorting Light

Sometimes you see something online or in a magazine and you think, can I do that … or at least can I acheive something similar. I love the way light is refracted, so I am going to have a go and see if I can create my own image similar to this. Refracting light with […]

Day 288 – Autumn in Photoshop

Yesterday I went looking for signs of Autumn in the hedgerows today i experimented with one photo to see if I could create an  Autumn feel to an image. The photo below is taken straight out of camera, it was taken at ISO800, F10, 1/80sec – I was in some shady woodland in the forest […]

Day 287 – Autumn Hedgerows

One of the internet groups this week asked “what keeps you interested in photography” – I thought it was a great question and I thought I would share with you what keeps me interested… My 365 project – on day 287 now … I am determined to make it through to New Year’s Eve… what’s […]

Day 286 – A different view of the Solent

Today’s post is a different view of the Solent, photos are of an overcast misty day so I have converted to monochrome and added the demist tool to see what i can do to improve them

Day 285 – A little Egg

Today I was using the Canon 60D camera, and the 18-55mm kit lens to familiarize myself with the camera and I was lucky enough to observe something special. My mother in law recently brought some bantam eggs, from a local shop – believe it or not and choose to put them in her incubator and […]

Day 283 – Studio Time with Frogs

Old Bakery Studio photo session with #PacMan Frogs and #RedEyed Tree Frogs – hands on fun!

Day 282 – Remember the essentials.

Taking pictures – one essential trip make sure you have a charged battery or an alternative method for creating images.

Day 281 – Using my light meter and Experimenting with flash

I need to experiment with how my flash works, so when I found out I needed to create a new passport image of me – I decide it was the perfect opportunity to experiment with my speedlite, and my reflector and inspired by Gavin Hoey’s recent video on using my light meter – which you […]

Day 280 – Extreme Lighting and Different Camera

Tuesday evening I got to see “The Shires” in concert, it was a small venue, a fantastic gig and I was tempted to take photos – however I did not have a camera with me – so I borrowed my husband’s Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ20 and had a go… trying to learn a new camera in […]