Welcome to the back catalogue of my 2015 posts, the older posts are featured first, 2015 was my first year of photography blogging, I experimented with ideas and concepts, and this folder shows the highlights of this time.

Day 336 – A few days away part II

Chimping photos helps you see whether the photos you take are the ones that you want to use, the ones that look right and tell the story that you want to tell…. after looking at part I of my photos I realised: I loved the photos were I had shot low, and got on to […]

Day 335 – A few days away – part 1

A friend of mine suggested that I visited his seals, at Donna Nook. I thought he was joking last Spring when he told me the seals were at the end of his field and at peak season in November there would be a few thousand seals to visit.  I visited in the Summer – and […]

November Highlights

November – eleven months of blogging, experimenting and trying new skills and practicing old ones.  A boudoir session, themed photo shoots, trips, working with other professionals and more … what a month! I can not believe how fast this year has gone… how many opportunities I have had and how many new things I have […]

Day 333 – 1st Christmas

Another 1st Christmas photo shoot and another very enthusiastic mum who brought along a variety of different outfits so that we could create a variety of different photos. I never realised before how important it is for outfit changes to add variety into the photos.

Day 332 – New Forest Wander

A wander in the New Forest with my canon 24-70mm lens on my crop sensor camera. The 24-70mm lens from what I have read online is an ideal walk around lens on a full frame camera – but for me it has a focal range 38.4mm- 112mm. I have noticed recently that I am not […]

Day 331 – Smoke

If I want to get more creative I really need some backgrounds and textures … so one of those things that I have been putting off doing is photographing smoke … so that is today’s challenge.

Day 330 – Graphic Artist Inspiration

We had a great speaker at camera club this week – Vicki Boulter who is a graphic artist and who amazing images which are very different from the regular portraits that we normally see. Vicki is a graphic designer by training… the same as me and she really inspired me to try something different.

Day 329 – Commercial Shoot

The other day I was working alongside local New Forest make up artist Louise Audrey with the idea that I would capture her at work – and she made up a stunning model.

Day 328 – Abstract at Night

Dark evenings and the festive season approaching, so I thought I would pop along to the Garden of Lights and capture an abstract view of pods that have been generated to encourage evening visitors to the city centre. Night time photography without a tripod is a challenge, longer exposure times I needed but for these […]

Day 327 – It’s cold

It is cold. Out with the photo buddies and it is cold! Winter has arrived and it made me realise that a year has nearly gone by. In January I was out with my nifty 50 capturing the frost, today I took my 100mm macro, and came home feeling it was a disaster!

Day 326 – Boudoir – part two

Yesterday I shared a behind the scenes look at a boudoir session, today is some of the edited images that I got from the evening. I had gone along to the session feeling out of my comfort zone but I had some clear ideas in mind

Day 325 – My first Boudoir – Studio part one

If you have been following the process of my 365 you will know it has taken on the role of pushing myself outside my comfort zone, learning new photographic skills and learning more about working with people, and having fun. I had an opportunity to be one of four tutors at a studio session shooting […]

Day 324 – Revisit

Prior to starting my blog and 365 project I visited the British Museum and was inspired by the building… it was the first building I truly noticed and was wow look at the light. My favorite photo from that visit is here – it is on the front page of my blog. I got to […]

Day 323 – What makes a photo, art?

What makes a photo a piece of Art? What makes my photo stand out about anyone else’s, what would make it worthy to hang in a gallery in London (other than me being dead 🙂 ) What makes it more than a record shot,more than just am image …

Day 322 – Achieve the impossible

Day 322 – I read a book about a runner which encouraged you to achieve the impossible … every small impossible counts!

Day 321 – Outdoor Portraits

Outdoor portraits with off camera flash is an area I am currently exploring. I think it is really important to be able to achieve the image that you want to create and take control of the light wherever you are. The hardest part about outdoor shoots is finding someone willing to be photographed, who has […]

Day 320 – Winter Seascapes

If you were to ask me what is the best thing that a photographer could take on a beach photo shoot in stormy weather – my answer would not be: the lens cloth that you need to regularly wipe the spray from the front of the lens, the uv filter to protect the lens from […]

Day 319 – Finished products

Taking photos is one thing, creating pictures and memories and delivering them to clients in another, and rather than working hard at taking photos today I am busy looking at creative solutions that will deliver to potential clients. During my journey this year I have discovered so much about photography and the work that is […]

Day 318 – It is starting to feel like Christmas

Serious Christmas in November … no I don’t feel the least bit like Christmas yet and I have not even started thinking about Christmas – but Freddie turned 7 months old, and mum wanted some Christmas cards to celebrate Freddie’s first birthday so it was time for a winter studio shoot.

Day 317 – Out and about with flash

I rarely use my flash outside, so today’s challenge was to take it on a walk with me and use it to influence my photography!

Day 316 – Revisiting Bokeh

I did an experiment with Bokeh … and I wanted to try again, today I was practicing my studio set up and wanted to see what would happen if I added Christmas Lights to the shot … due to space restrictions I was not able to get far enough back to add a foreground subject […]

Day 315 – Night Time Party

A great challenge to undertake – an evening party to celebrate Fireworks, in an unknown venue with an unknown schedule so it really was the opportunity to think on my feet and create images that captured the evening. The evening challenge included:

Day 314 – Early Mornings

I am not an early morning person… but life circumstances mean that to get outdoor images I need to be up and about early otherwise I cant get outdoor photos … this mornings early meant sunrise – and it is well worth getting up early for. This is the view over the church yard with […]

Day 313- A beach hut or two….

Beach huts and Buoys, Patterns and leading lines … day 313 of my 365 photo journey … why not go and explore!

Day 312 – Rememberance Sunday

Today is Remembrance Sunday, it is has always been a special day for me where I remember people who are no longer with us, and to particular remember those who fought for our country in some way, to make a difference. I always remember in particular Nick, a old neighbor who sadly never got to […]

Day 311- Studio Fun – Part 2 – Painting with Light

Part two of the Old Bakery session and we got to play with lights. I have done Light painting before, but it is always great fun to play with lights especially if you are in a setting where you can control the darkness, where you know other people are looking out for you and where […]

Day 310 – Studio Fun – Part 1

Another visit to the Old Bakery Studio and this time experimenting with a variety of different lighting set ups and hands on experiments. I am going to share a few ideas that I got to try this week. On the images were taken it this session on my crop frame camera with a 16-35mm lens […]

Day 309 – Highcliffe Castle

On a walk today to Highcliffe Castle – I visited this castle and had printed out this image which I took in May 2012 – and without looking at this photo before had I wanted to take some new photos of the location – at a different time of year – and with my hopefully […]

Day 308 – The colours of Autumn

A misty day and I would have thought it was an awful day to take photos – but now I understand so much more about light … I have realised that today was an amazing day to take photos … the mist adds atmosphere, acts as a giant soft box and really brings out the […]