Welcome to the back catalogue of my 2015 posts, the older posts are featured first, 2015 was my first year of photography blogging, I experimented with ideas and concepts, and this folder shows the highlights of this time.

Day 19 – Something Different

At the moment I feel this blog is filled with random photo opportunities and challenges… and I guess today that continues. Monday night is the day I go to my local camera club – tonight is a members night – which means that the program is being run by one of the more talented club […]

Day 18 – Blue

Looking around online there are a number of Facebook groups that can support your photography, one of the ones I have recently joined offers a 52 week challenge, so although I am late starting I am going to try and include some of their ideas into my blog – as their weekly challenge may encourage […]

Day 17 – Keep Living Strong

Woke up today knowing that my son, J was well and that I would be able to get out of the house and take some photos. J has a condition called KLS, and this week I was chatting to one of my online friends about the condition and she suggested that to her family KLS […]

Day 16 – Dark background or not

The last two days I have took photos of items with a white background – today I wanted to experiment to see if I could take a photo with a dark background. I failed. I ran out of time, and I think it is something I need to read up on… I can’t remember what […]

Day 15 – Composition Tips

Emma Davis has shared a great video on composition, to help make photos more appealing…. Composition tips to consider include: The rule of thirds Leading Lines Framing Single Focal point Symmetry Repetition Colour Triangles ( use odd number and position in triangles3’s and 5’s) So far this year … I have not really looked at […]

Day 14 – Playing with Marbles and Exposure compensation…

Today I am limited to indoors again … so was thinking about what to photograph and found a marble left over from Christmas on my desk… and so today I playes with marbles, my Canon Speedlite 430 EXII and my 100mm lens. I wanted to get the marble looking like a specimen marble on a […]

Day 13 – Revisited

I am still indoors, so thought I would revisit the flowers… the carnations are past their best .. so I focused in close to fill the image with my 100mm Canon macro and used a tripod. It was worth getting it out, as for each shot I left the camera in the same position, the […]

Day 12 – Indoor Photos

I got given some flowers at the weekend…. so as I am stuck indoors today some quick flower photos: 1. Carnations – I love the colour I upped the ISO so I could get a fast handheld shutter speed on my Canon Macro Lens EF 100 – I am so lazy.. would have been much […]

Day 11 – Forest Walk

Today I took my wide angle and my tripod out to the New Forest – experimenting with shutter speeds and looking for a lone tree that would make a great focal point for my photo. The same tripod position was used for both pictures – I would like a lighter tripod – but I prefer […]

Day 10 – Windy Day on the beach

Today is a lovely windy day, so I walk to the beach was in order to blow our the cobwebs – I took a tripod 🙂 and a couple of photos with my wide angle lens. I think it is the first time I have been really aware how the shutter speed effects the end […]

Day 9 – Wide Angle Walk

It is a beautiful day so today I took the dogs off into a walk into town along with my wide angle lens to get a shot of the harbour – no other reason, other than to take the kids of photo I enjoy looking at – scenery / landscape style images…. Lens: Sigma 10-20mm […]

Day 8 Playing with fire

Today  a quick shot with the nifty 50 and a bonfire. It is a moving object so I played around with shutter speed this time. You can see the effect shutter speed this has on the depth of field, as the aperture changes – if you compare between the earlier and later images, the shorter […]

Day 7 – Nifty 50, people and movement

Yesterday I said that I had not really used this lens to take portraits … I admit I am uncomfortable taking photos of people where I have to get the camera in close… anyway this morning I had an unwilling model – my eldest teen was running on the treadmill and could not escape so […]

Day 6 – winning image

Every so often I enter various fun competitions online for photography … I never expect to win, but enter on the hope that it will improve my images and help me think more creativity. Last night on Facebook I received this message saying that I was the users choice for December for their favourite photo […]

Day 6 – Nifty 50 – Low Light

This mornings dog walk was the only time today I would have had the chance to take a photo… it was overcast, damp and I choose a woodland walk… Photo 1: ISO 1600, F8 and 0.4secs – I focused on the 2nd barbed wire spike, with the idea of seeing the line of wire stretching […]

Day 5 – Interior Photography

For my work with Renouf Design, I sometimes have the privilege of visiting people’s home and businesses offering them advice and photographing their property to promote it in local advertising on local web sites like Explore the New Forest for example. Today I was invited to visit and photograph a brand new B&B that is […]

Day 4 – my running challenge

Today I was doing my first 10k of the year, I started running in 2014 and ideally in 2015 I would like to raise £500 for Kleine Levin Syndrome – the condition my son has run a 10k in under an hour run the Great South Run Today was my first running event of 2015 […]

Day 3 – Nifty 50 F stops and Aperture

One again this morning I am in Aperture priority mode on my Canon camera and I am going to look at F-stops to help enhance my own understanding. For this morning’s exercise I have manually focused the camera on the satsuma which was balanced on a mirror, and set the ISO to 100 – I […]

Day 2 – Nifty 50

Not sure I was going to get a photo today – but took the camera and the nifty 50 with me on the dog walk and with that in mind I thought I would try and photograph something then I can fill the frame with and yet enhance some small detail by using the depth […]

Future Challenges

If I am stuck for ideas in future Emma Davies has posted some ideas for a 30 day challenge – there is a whole list of different photos to try and take and it is a place to start it I am looking for inspiration or am suck for an idea … there are all […]

Day 1 -1st Challenge – Nifty 50!

I have a 50mm 1:1.8 Canon Lens – A nifty 50 which I brought to use with my Canon EDS60D DSLR and I really do not know what to do with it or how to use it properly… I know it is a fixed lens with great control over its depth of field, but I […]