Welcome to the back catalogue of my 2015 posts, the older posts are featured first, 2015 was my first year of photography blogging, I experimented with ideas and concepts, and this folder shows the highlights of this time.

December Highlights

December- twelve months done! Happy New Year … this is the last post for now… my 365 is done! I am going to keep taking photos though … but a different project … I will no longer be posting everyday … just sometimes as I continue to share my images. I just loved this Christmas […]

Day 365 – The end

Thank you for joining me on my 365 project … what a year, a year that has challenge me, provided me a host of new opportunities and a year when my photography blog has taken on a life on its own… I have had a blast … but this is my last daily blog for […]

Day 364 – Coffee

Another forest walk today … the last few days have been more about enjoying friends that taking photos…. so today’s photo is off the best coffee in the world – the colourful combination of coffee cups that come out of my hubby’s rucksack taken whilst on a walk in the New Forest. This was taken […]

Day 363 – Christmas Photoshoot

I was delighted to take photos of my neighbours grandchilden for her over Christmas – a chance to try out my new round flash and on the whole I think it works really well, it enables me to move the catch lights where I need them, essential for working with young and active children and […]

Day 362 – Christmas Walk

A great way to blast the cobwebs out and to burn some calories for the Feast ahead is a walk along the coastline – this two mile stretch of Shingle bank is a place I have offered photographed this year… so I am back again to capture the grey skies and winter atmosphere. I have […]

Day 361 – 18th Birthday

Happy Birthday Jake – 18 today…  we took a rare opportunity to escape as a family of five and take a few random photos to celebrate that there are now three adults in our household. I was allowed for once to get them all to let me take head shots… but I literally only had […]

Day 360 – Planning your holiday

Happy Boxing Day. One of the traditions of Christmas seems to be a look ahead at the New Year and with that in mind people often begin to look ahead and where they are going to holiday in the nest year. In the last couple of weeks I have been working closely with some local […]

Day 359 -It’s Christmas

Poinsettia is a plant that I associate with Christmas, so almongst the fun of Christmas Day photos, unwrapping presents, sharing moments with family and friends… I thought I would share a photo of Christmas cheer….

Day 358 – Christmas Fun

Not a perfect selection of portraits by any means, but a great team of people who I am lucky enough to have in my life and who really know how to party hard. Today’s blog – the Christmas party highlights! Merry Christmas everyone!

Day 357 – Christmas Carols

To help with the festive mood I visited a nearby market town to enjoy the Christmas carols organised by the Romsey Lions Club, I had my DSLR but no one really had a camera so instead I opted for hubby’s new camera and a scene mode – which meant it only capture the photos in […]

Day 356 – The best camera ever

When I started my journey this year I thought getting a better camera would make me a better photographer… I never imagined what I could learn along the way, I wanted to recreate images that I had seen other people take so assumed I needed to know what camera they used what lens they had, […]

Day 355 – Chocolate Pudding

My daughter’s been cooking, she is hosting a dinner party tonight – pudding looks amazing! This is a lovely chocolate orange mousse that my 16 year old daughter made – lit on the left with window light, and a low powered flash, resting on a baking tray with black mounting board behind and to the […]

Day 354 – Photo Buddy’s Model Mayhem

My photo buddy got to be in the lime light during the study session, with a variety of flash and strobe lights the idea was to capture the essence of 1 year old Sparky.

Day 353 – Studio Visit

My last studio sessions for 2015 – Old Bakery – and the idea was pets and mayhem … who ever said you should never work with pets .. it was an interesting evening – the animals were well under control, but there was lots of things to learn and to take forward from the session. […]

Day 352 – Christmas Walk

A great article here on shooting Christmas Lights – which I totally ignored and headed out the house with hubby’s new camera (Canon G7x) to see what it could do… no tripod, hand held – no flash (I had a torch) to see if I could capture the essence of my home town at Christmas.

Day 351 – Christmas Cards

I just had to send homemade Christmas cards to some of my family and friends that have been reading my 365… so this year I made my own, back in November, when I discovered the company that I use to make my cards with had a 20% off sale. I was not quite ready for […]

Day 350- New Camera – Canon G7x

One of the things I have struggled with this year is my interest in running and combining that with photography. It is so frustrating to be out on a run when there is that perfect moment when the light is right and there is nothing but an iPhone to capture the image.

Day 349 – Holly, Manual and on camera flash!

Yesterday on my walk I captured the detail on the Gorse, today I focused in on some holly berries and experimented in manual mode – despite seeing the other day that it was OK to use all the settings on the camera, I finally fill confident enough to experiment.

Day 348 – Festive Selfie

Christmas is approaching quicker than I would like but as the Christmas tree is now up, it was time to take a Christmas selfie… I saw a great tutorial online using a Christmas tree and thought I would try and create similar…. I had my camera, a darken lounge lit only by the Christmas tree, […]

Day 347 – The Gorse is in Flower

Seeing the gorse in flower on my local walk, reminds me of how quickly the year has gone, I feeling reflective at the moment and I am amazed at how much changes and yet how much stays the same as the year passes. I have discovered so much more the importance of looking at the […]

Day 346 – Fish

I have a studio session coming up where I may have the opportunity to photograph a fish… I have not tried it before so I thought I would practice in my home studio with two low powered off camera flashes and manual mode. I wanted to use a traditional fish bowl

Day 345 – Flash in practice

I had a visitor pop it today… I was not set up for studio images but I took the opportunity to practice some of the speedlight skills that I have pick up over the last few days. Camera was in manual, the speedlight was attached to the camera but in a diffuser to soften the […]

Day 344 – Studio Light Training Day

I really want to master lighting and when I saw two fast track flashlight days recently advertised by my local camera club and an online photography group – I decided it was time to invest in this area of my photography, so I booked onto Appleton Photo training Workshops – Mastering Speedlights and Speedlight Studio […]

Day 243 – Shooting Manual

It has got to be done before the end of the year – I spent the morning shooting manual. Shooting manual means that I took control of the ISO, the aperture and the shutter speed. I shoot manual when I use the flash or when I have a filter on my lens and am aiming […]

Day 342 – Christmas at Osborne

A trip to the Isle of Wight and a visit to Osborne House, English Heritage home to Queen Victoria at one of their busiest times of the year is cerainly a challenge for my 365 project.

Day 341 – Studio Still Life

Thanks to Sue making some amazing mince pies, and Tim’s help with the lighting, I had the opportunity to do some great still life, not forgetting of course Mike’s tip for a great background…. So this is the setup in studio…

Day 340 – Flash and Ambient Lights

Still at the Old Bakery Studio and experimenting… Karen had brought in this bowl, which has a unit inside it which change colour, caused the water to bubble and generated a mist and she was curious to know how to capture the colour.

Day 339 – Bokeh again or maybe Fairy Lights!

Bokeh again… I know but Christmas time is the perfect time to experiment and this time I was at the Old Bakery Studio doing still life set up… and I had a couple of ideas I wanted to try.

Day 338 – A few days away part IV

You will be pleased to know this is my last seal post… I took over 1000 pictures whilst I was away – I only posted 70 on my blog… but the last few highlighted to me the importance of light….

Day 337 – A few days away III

Photography is all about the light – so today I got up early and headed back to see the seals….